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one in a million
نویسنده : zohre & marzieh - ساعت ٤:٥٧ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳٩٠/٥/٧

سلام به همه اینم یه شعر انگلیسی خیلی خوشمل

(one in amillion)

Only one in a million could claim this prize.
It always comes as a suprise.
To have finally realized.
That you're now mine and I am thine.
No other man could ever plan.
The neccesities of taking your hand.
They know not what they need to be.
Or how to treat you speacially.
It's quite a shock to finally have so much luck.
You truly see I'm not a schmuck.
One in a million could truly read.
The tender caring that you need.
You have such depths of sweetness care.
Saving it for the one who dares.
To show you that he's truly rare.
I'm that one from a million strong.
It suprises me that I have won.
Though we know that you're not wrong.
We help eachother to be strong.
We'll last forever, being proud of what we weathered.
It's greatness now for we're together.


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